Recovery Mode

Frida doing post surgery recovery.

This is Frida. I wouldn’t say we own her, more like she deigns to live with us. Anyway she had surgery to remove a lump last week, and she is now taking recovery very seriously. The lump turned out to be benign 😊👌.


Frida doing post surgery recovery.

Lessons Learnt From My Dog

Lewisham Boat Ramp
Lewisham Boat Ramp

One of the lessons that I have learnt from my dogs is that sometimes you should just follow your nose and live in the moment. Today we had planned to go up to Salamanca Markets, but at the last-minute we changed our minds and so I decided to take Frida out for a walk. Just out of habit I picked up my compact camera as we headed out of the door.We went down to a bit of beach we hadn’t been to before and just kept walking. We were having so much fun just looking and taking pictures. I had no pre-conceived ideas, I wasn’t out to make art I was just having fun. Before we knew it we had walked to the Lewisham boat ramp, so as it was warm we stopped to have a drink at the servo. Frida was being heathy and just had water, I had a Pepsi Maxi followed by a Magnum ice-cream. I knew we had stayed to long because Frida was getting fidgety so we had back home. I saw even more picture possibilities as we re-traced our steps simply because I was facing a different direction and the light had changed.

We both got home feeling happy. Frida is now sleeping in her bed as I write this, and I’m happy to have a day where we just were in the moment having fun.


Paddling in Pittwater
Paddling in Pittwater


Out Walking The Dog

Looking out over the Tasman Bridge over the Derwent River from the top of Rosny Hill.

Nothing of earth shattering importance this week. I took the faithful hound up to Rosny Hill for a walk. It was a beautiful saturday afternoon, and the track was quiet enough so she could run off the lead. All I had to do was just walk and look. I had my Panasonic LX5 with me so I just took some quick and dirty HDR panoramas.

Looking across the Derwent from Rosny Hill at Mount Wellington.

When I got home I just dropped them into Adobe Lightroom. First I did the HDR conversions using HDR Efex Pro2, and then I did the panoramic stitching in Photoshop CS5. Nothing complicated, just a few minutes on each.

Looking across Kangaroo Bay at Bellerive and Clarence Yacht Club. from Rosny Hill.

The dog enjoyed herself, I could tell for when we got home she went to bed. As the great canine philosopher, Snoopy, said “A tired puppy is a happy puppy”.


Sometimes it is all too easy to lose sight of the fact photography is all supposed to be about having fun and enjoying ourselves.

My Staffy Rosie cannot walk past a stretch of grass without rolling and wriggling on it. Sometimes while out for a walk it seems that she spends more time writhing around on her back than she does actual walking. But the point is she absolutely loves it, she does because for her it is fun.

It is all too easy to obsess about equipment and wish we had better. It is very easy to get hung up on technique. It is really easy to compare our work with others and feel inadequate. The solution – pick up a camera and one lens and go out and take pictures of anything. Be silly. Get lost in the moment and go with the flow. When you get back home you’ll realise that you actually had some fun.

Voightlander R2, 35mm f2.5 Color-Skopar, Ilford XP2.