Garden Visitors

Silvereye by Paul Amyes on

Silvereye, Zosterops lateralis. York, Western Australia.


We’re still getting visitors to the garden. Lately we’ve been getting half a dozen or so Silvereyes visit at around 4-5pm. They’re tricky things to photograph because they are so small (about 10cm beak to tail) and they move so erratically- think manic clockwork toy on speed and you’ll be in the ball park. Just before sundown we get a female rufous whistler pick over the mulch in the garden beds. I can hear the male in the peppercorn tree but I’ve not seen him.


Rufous Whistler by Paul Amyes on
A female rufous whistler visits the garden.


The Nankeen Kestrels have been spending a lot of time on out TV aerial and the power pole on the street. They largely just sit and watch the paddock opposite. Occasionally they are digesting a recent meal. Every now and again we are treated to display of aerial acrobatics where the kestrel will hover over a spot and watch it carefully before diving at great speed to take its prey.


Martiet by Paul Amyes on
Nankeen kestrel (Falco cenchroides cenchroides), York, Western Australia.


Prey sighted now dive! Nankeen kestrel (Falco cenchroides cenchroides), York, Western Australia.