Big Bob Sheds

Big Bob is the resident Yoorn or Bobtailed Lizard. He lives under the house and can occasionally be seen exploring the garden. Normally he is a very feisty lizard with a lot of attitude, but on Monday we found him in the shade house looking very sorry for himself. At first we thought he’d gone down with Bobtailed flu, but on closer inspection he was shedding his skin. We often find the old skins in the garden but I’ve never seen this happen. So we thought we’d just leave him be and get on with it. On Tuesday he’d moved out onto the grass and we were worried about him as we often get kestrels, goshawks or sparrow hawks use our TV aerial as an observation post and they’d have no qualms about making a meal of him. He started wriggling and writhing in the grass in an attempt to get his old skin off. By lunch time apart from a few scraps between his toes he’d got the job done. ┬áBy Wednesday he was back to scaring our Bull Terrier, Frida, and walking round the garden like he owns it. Another couple of weeks and he’ll be tucking himself up for the winter.


Big Bob our resident Bobtailed Lizard found in the shadehouse looking very sorry for himself.


He’d started to shed his skin and was looking very tatty.


Not dead, wriggling in the wet grass trying to remove the old skin.


As the sun warmed everything up he was content to lie like this for about half an hour.


Right side up again.


Still looking a bit manky.


After another hour mission accomplished – looking all new and neat again.


Big Bob looking a lot happier post shed.