I’m On E


… an E-scooter that is.


I’m on E. I’m on E. I’m on E.
Got nothin’ to say.
I used to have a car of my own
I’m on E. I’m on E. I’m on E for England.
Laid out for maybe a week
I’ve walked my feet to the bone
I’d give my life for a car of my own
I’m on E. I’m on E.

Deborah Harry / Chris Stein



On our recent trip to Albany we kept seeing purple E-scooters everywhere.  Outside shopping malls, at the beach, abandoned on walk trails. We never saw a single one being ridden. They were a strange flotsam and jetsam around the city. Often times you were left wondering how they got there Рlike the one on top of Dog Rock.  Unfortunately I saw most of them while driving and was unable to quickly pull over to take a photo. So unfortunately this is a bit like a fishing tale where the best got away, but I did manage to get a few shots.





This week’s musical reference should be easy – it is of course “I’m On E” by Blondie and off their 1978 Plastic Letters Album.