The Werillyiup Trail


Werillyiup Trail by Paul Amyes on

Follow the blue poles for the Werillyiup Trail in Whiteman Park.


The Werrillyiup Trail in Whiteman Park is a 3Km jaunt around an area called Horse Swamp. So called because back in the early days of the Swan River Colony if horses escaped they invariably ended up at the swamp. The word Werrillyiup is is Nyoongar for “a swampy place” so from all this you’d expect to see quite a bit of water. Well for much of the year it is dry and really only fills in June with the coming of the winter rains. Each time I’ve been it’s been akin to walking around a large puddle. That’s not to detract anything away from ¬†it, it is just a statement of fact. What you will see though is an important wildlife refuge in a large ever-growing city. Western Grey Kangaroos are the most visible residents but there is a huge variety of birdlife here particularly in winter, spring and early summer. I’ve had more luck seeing raptors here than at any other location in Perth. EBird Australia has a listing of 101 species that can be seen at various times of the year around the swamp.


Yongka by Paul Amyes on

Western Grey Kangaroo, macropus fuliginosus, Whiteman Park, Western Australia.


Australian Hobby by Paul Amyes on

Australian Hobby (Falco longipennis longipennis). Whiteman Park, Western Australia.


Djando by Paul Amyes on
A pair of Whistling Kites seen flying round the aviaries on the edge of Whiteman Park.


Wyan by Paul Amyes on

A white-faced heron looks out from its tree top perch over Horse Swamp. Whiteman Park, Western Australia.


Australian Shelduck by Paul Amyes on
Australian Shelduck, Tadorna tadornoides, Whiteman Park, Western Australia.


After your leisurely walk around the swamp you can be revived at the excellent¬†Guerrilla Hub Kiosk with a great coffee and some of their wonderful food. And if after all that you feel as if you’ve not communed enough with the wildlife you can always nip up to Caversham Wildlife Park and have your picture taken with a wombat.


Refreshment after a hard mornings walking and bird watching at the Guerrilla Hub kiosk in Whiteman Park.


Yours truly with one of Caversham Wildlife Park’s staff and a wombat.