All Change

I like the changes in the seasons and particularly look forward to the arrival of autumn. In fact spring and autumn are what living here are all about – fantastic weather with near perfect temperatures.

Autumn Burn Off by Paul Amyes on
The Autumn burn off in the fields of the Western Australian Wheatbelt has left its distinctive stripes on the landscape.


The farmers have launched into a frenzy of activity – the fields are being burnt in preparation for the next crop. They are hoping that the war in the Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia will bring about record wheat prices. That optimism is being tempered by rising costs of fuel, fertiliser and pesticides.  As usual for this time of year the valley fills with palls of smoke leading to some spectacular sunsets.

In the garden the bob tailed lizards are nowhere to be seen. While they don’t exactly hibernate they go into torpid state where they hide up and live off the fat reserves in their tails. The white browed babblers have upped sticks and moved to another garden and the only real activity is coming from the white-cheeked honeyeaters. They had a bit of a population explosion over summer so there are lots of adolescents  chasing one another around the garden.  This has led to some spectacular demonstrations of flying with some very close calls with windows and near misses while dodging around the rear veranda.  Just as dawn breaks lots of them sit on the fence outside my bedroom window and make a tuneless racket. What they lack in musical ability they make up for with enthusiasm.


White-cheeked Honeyeater by Paul Amyes on
White-cheeked Honeyeater (Phylidonyris niger).

Yes I like autumn it marks the start of more activity out in nature.