Poetry In Motion


Last Saturday I found myself in town wandering around with my Olympus Pen EP-5 and the just 3 lenses (17mm f2.8, 25mm f1.8, 45mm f1.8) when I found myself outside the building that is home to Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness in Hay Street. I knew the fun day demonstration was about to start as I had received the flier from them a few days previously so I thought I’d pop in and say “Hello” for old times sake. I started attending the school in the early 1990’s as a solution to a problem with work place violence. I had no idea I would become completely fascinated by the martial arts taught by Shihan Jan de Jong OAM and that continues to this very day. Over the years I’ve tried many times to photographically capture what it is that appeals to me. I’m not after a static record shot, but something that shows the grace, beauty, refined power and energy that is inherent in bujutsu. Under equipped and ill prepared I had another go shooting first stills and then some video footage. One day I’ll actually get something close to what I see in my mind’s eye and feel in my heart.