Christmas Tentacles of Doom

The Murray Street Christmas Tree. Perth, Western Australia.

I find it hard to do the Christmas thing – firstly because now the decorations and the food appears so early (our local supermarket started at the end of September), and secondly because it is generally so hot here. Lately its been unseasonably hot here for the last ten days or so with temperatures hitting 40º C. Santa and his reindeer would just melt  into a large red and white puddle. So when I went to get the car serviced the other day I went for a wander around Perth CBD and noticed that the City of Perth Council had been going around putting up the Chrimbo decorations. It seems that they’ve chosen a gold theme this year, not surprising really given that Western Australia produces  6% of the worlds production with 195 tonnes per annum, or 6.27 million troy ounces, or roughly $10 Billion AUD.There were some of the old favourites such as the Murray Street Mall Christmas Tree and the Santa’s Grotto but I wasn’t sure what was going on at the Perth Cultural Centre with the Christmas Tentacles of Doom, but hey it was colourful.


Santa’s grotto in the Perth Cultural Precinct, Northbridge.


The City of Perth Council decided to reference the Kangaroo Sculptures on St George’s Terrace side of Stirling Gardens by Joan Walsh-Smith and Charles Smith with their Christmas decorations on the lawn in front of their building.


Myers in Forest Place went for an enormous golden rocking horse as part of their Christmas decorations.


The ENEX arcade went with large golden reindeer with pyramidal Christmas Trees as their Christmas decorations.


Golden reindeer gate wishing people the seasons greetings as they walk between Perth Station and the Perth Cultural Precinct.


A golden Christmas fox in Murray Street Mall, Perth, Western Australia.


Not sure if these giant green and yellow tentacles were part of the Perth Christmas decorations but they were being put up with the decorations in Perth Cultural Centre.