Sometimes it is all too easy to lose sight of the fact photography is all supposed to be about having fun and enjoying ourselves.

My Staffy Rosie cannot walk past a stretch of grass without rolling and wriggling on it. Sometimes while out for a walk it seems that she spends more time writhing around on her back than she does actual walking. But the point is she absolutely loves it, she does because for her it is fun.

It is all too easy to obsess about equipment and wish we had better. It is very easy to get hung up on technique. It is really easy to compare our work with others and feel inadequate. The solution – pick up a camera and one lens and go out and take pictures of anything. Be silly. Get lost in the moment and go with the flow. When you get back home you’ll realise that you actually had some fun.

Voightlander R2, 35mm f2.5 Color-Skopar, Ilford XP2.