Urgent Response Required

I don’t know about you but I’m absolutely swimming, if not drowning, in unsolicited mail whether it be spam emails, junk mail via the post or texts on my mobile. The other day I got the envelope in the mail in the video above and the only urgent response that seemed fitting was to burn it.

It seems like every day I get an email from a kind soul in Nigeria who wishes to inform me that my dear father has passed away leaving me with squillions and all I have to do is send them a nice fat cheque and they will transfer the money to me. These emails are always a surprise to me.


Roy Amyes, my father, in 1945 while recovering at a military hospital.


Roy Amyes’ photo taken nearly 60 years after the one above.

Firstly I didn’t realise my father was a black African from Nigeria. You wouldn’t be able to pick from the photos of him would you? I was always under the illusion he was from Rochdale in Lancashire, England. The other think that strikes me as odd is that if he was stinking rich, and I mean the figures these emails always quote look international telephone numbers, how come he lived in a council house. The emails always make reference to him having just passed away, but it was in March 2007, I was there at his bedside and the doctor definitely said he was dead. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t fake his death and go and move to Nigeria, and it does seem odd that he seems to die nearly every week and that I’ve got so many relatives in Nigeria that I’ve never heard of.