What A Relief!

The Car Park at Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain. It may not be art, but it showed my camera was working.


The other day we were staying at Cradle Mountain National Park and we decided to walk around Dove Lake which is one of the iconic short walking trails in Tasmania. So we drove into the park proper and up to Rommy Creek in the hope of seeing a wombat or two. We walked around the creek and I fell fulcrum over apex and landed on a big clump of button grass. I didn’t hurt myself and I was remarkably unscathed, not even dirty, but my camera wouldn’t work. Blimey! Here am I in one of the most photogenic places in the world and my camera packs up. This was the first time I’ve gone on a trip with only one camera body. All sorts of thoughts run through my head like drive back home to get another camera (a seven hour round trip), or drive to Launceston to buy a new one. I frantically mashed a few buttons in the hope it would respond – nothing. I took the battery out and replaced it with a fresh one, still nothing. Oh bugger! I took the battery out and unmounted the lens and we drove the rest of the way up to Dove Lake with Helen trying to console me and saying not to fret. While she visited the loo I signed us in for the walk track. On getting back to the car I tried one last time to get the camera to work, I put a genuine Olympus battery in and immediately heard the IBIS whir into action, I looked through the viewfinder, took a couple of frames of the car park and everything seemed to be working. What a relief! The pictures were not anything great but I have never been so relieved to see a photo.