A Commercial Break

Now for a word from the marketing director of the global empire that is Paul Amyes Photography (PAP).

No doubt as you walk around the shops you’ll have noticed that it is the season for spending or “Spendmas” as Christmas has become known. With the disruptions that COVID 19 has brought to supply chains it will be prudent to start thinking about Christmas a bit earlier than usual.

A fine Christmas present for the walkers in your life.


Well if you have a walker in your life consider giving them a copy of my book “Perth’s Best Bush, Coast and City Walks” which can now be ordered directly from the publisher. Further more if you click on the photo above, use this link or the promotional code PAULA15 at checkout then you will get a 15% discount.


The Christmas Star.


Don’t have a walker well Paul Amyes Photography has a store packed full of original art work available as well art, stationary, household items and clothing. Clicking on the photo above or the banner below will take you to my online store.