Quirky Quairading

Gazanias have overgrown the railway tracks in Quraiding.


We stopped over in Quairading en route to Hyden. Far from being a sprawling metropolis situated in the heart of the Wheatbelt it’s a small town of around 600 people. Its main reason for existence is to service the surrounding farms and act as a distribution point for the grain they produce. The railway line serving the grain bins has been closed since 2013 and the town is trying to re-invent its self as a tourist stop over.

The moment we pulled up in the main drag my attention was caught by this one building, in particular its door. It was covered in flyers about religion and various conspiracies. It was fascinating and I just had to photograph it.

The door of this building is covered in writings about religion and conspiracies. Quraiding, Western Australia.