2013 already!

Happy 2013 and I hope it brings everything you wish for.

The global juggernaut that is Paul Amyes Photography is located in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia, and we don’t mind admitting that over the last couple of weeks it has been swelteringly hot here. Hot as in over 40℃ or for our non metric readers 104℉, which in anyone’s parlance is heading towards unbearable. Now photographically speaking this summer I was full of good intentions, I intended to finish off a video project and start a series of still lives and shoot some landscape. However as soon as the mercury began to soar all my good intentions evaporated and I found myself in a horrible torpid state. The boredom that the induced inactivity brought started making me irritable, very irritable. So after a verbal kick up the jacksie from my partner I went out for a walk around the block armed with a camera and just one lens. The lens is one I’ve not used very much, in fact truth be told I shouldn’t really have bought it, with the thinking that using it might help me look at the familiar in a fresh way. The resulting pictures while not “art”  did please me and hopefully be the start of more work.

Blandstown at Sunset

Sunflowers At Sunset

I hope where ever you are you can shake off the post-Christmas blahs and resume your passions.