Small, but…

… beautifully formed.


Hare Orchid
Hare Orchid, also known as the Fringed Hare Orchid, (leporella fimbriata), Bickley, Western Australia. Olympus OMD EM-10 with Olympus Zuiko m4/3 60mm f2.8 macro lens. 1/20th sec, f4.5 at ISO 200.


The hare orchid was about 7mm  or 028 of an inch wide. Now I’ve looked for this species before but it is quite difficult to find amongst the debris of the forest floor and its colour makes it blend in with the background. I had decided to visit a friend and near where he lives is a patch of scrub between two roads that is home to this species. I thought I would n’t find anything as the I hadn’t had any luck in finding one in the previous two years and I only had an hour to search the area. After 20 minutes of bush bashing, no paths, I found something quite unexpected. A colony of crinkle leafed bunny orchids.


Crinkle-leafed Bunny Orchid
Crinkle-leafed Bunny Orchid (Eriochilus dilatatus), Bickley, Western Australia. Olympus EM-10, OLYMPUS M.60mm F2.8 Macro lens. Metz 44-AF1flash. Exposure 1/180 s at f/4.0 ISO 200 in manual mode.


So quite delighted with the find I get down at plant level with my camera and snap off a dozen or so shots trying different apertures and flash combinations. Mindful of the time I rolled over to put my stuff back in my bag where there in front of me was the hare orchid literally under my nose.


It certainly does.