Welcome Swallows
Nesting Welcome Swallows (Hirundo neoxena) on Avon Terrace, York WA. Canon EOS 550d with Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM +2.0x Extender. Exposure: 1/200 sec f8 at ISO 1600.


Most days post canine perambulation I call in on at my favourite cafe for a drink. The last few weeks I have been enthralled with the activities of the Welcome Swallows (Hirundo neoxena) which have nested under the eaves. The parents have for the last for the last three weeks been frantically working to feed the chicks. The chicks fledged this week – tentatively making their first flights anxiously watched by mum and dad on Monday – and when I went for my morning drink the nest was quiet and empty. Job done!


Welcome Swallows
Welcome Swallows on Avon Terrace, York, Western Australia.