Curry Night

Been left on my own for the weekend means it’s time for a curry extravaganza. Here we have Murgh musallam (baked chicken), Saag aloo (spinach with potatoes), Khili hui khichri (rice with yellow split peas) , popadoms and some ginger and mango chutney on the side. All this washed down by Ashai Dry.


Beloved Significant Other (BSO) has taken her sainted self off for the weekend to play croquet leaving yours truly and the dog at home. This can only mean one thing …CURRY NIGHT!!!!! And what’s more it’s not your usual blokey vindaloo. No here we have the height of Moghul culinary sophistication. There was Murgh musallam, Saag aloo, Khili hui khichri, accompanied by papadums, and ginger and mango chutney. It is next to impossible to get Kingfisher beer here so it was washed down with Asahai Dry. Three plus hours of cooking for a meal to be had on my own might seem a tad extravagant but I really enjoy cooking and I like to crank up the sound system and get stuck in. The recipes are not my own but were from Madhur Jaffrey’s eponymous book “Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cookery”. She is my cooking guru.

The photography was old school. I dug out the Canon EOS 5d – the original version – and the Canon EF 50mm f1.8 mike aka the nifty fifty and the plastic fantastic. Sure there is better on the market now but the Canon 5d was very special and had great colour science and beautiful tonality.