A Beautiful Day

We’ve had some really gorgeous weather lately – so good it made us want to go out and have a BBQ picnic. Thanks to the media there is the impression that the average Australian is born wearing an apron and holding a pair of BBQ tongs in one hand and a can of beer in the other. Well it’s not quite true. For us a migrants we don’t have a natural proclivity to burn every piece of meat we eat over a fire. But when the weather is as good as it has been lately the notion of throwing a sausage on the barbie in a nice location is quite overwhelming. We set off to Lake Leschenaultia which is smallish man made lake in the Perth Hills surrounded by woodland.

Now this was not a designated photographic expedition I did take a camera and while the Beloved Significant Other was having a swim I snuck off to see what was about. The light was bright, it was midday after all, and there were quite a few people about so I didn’t have high expectations. But half an hour of looking I managed to find some mating dragonflies, see some very cheeky splendid fairy wrens and be delighted by a mother musk duck feeding her duckling.


Tau emerald dragonflies (Hemicordulia tau) mating. Lake Leschenaultia, Western Australia.


Djer-djer aka splendid fairy wren. Lake Leschenaultia, Western Australia.


A female musk duck (Biziura lobata) feeding her duckling. Lake Leschenaultia, Western Australia.


They’re not the best photos I’ve taken, more snapshots really, but they added to what was a perfect day.