Wrecks and Weeds

I haven’t been up to much over the last week, just mainly catching up on processing some photos and distributing them. The other evening the light had a beautiful delicate quality to and I knew that I must get out and take some photos. The thing was that the evenings are very short here, twenty or thirty minutes and it is all over. So I decided to just walk out of the front door and see what I could find.

Wrecks and Weeds #2. Old car wrecks being over run by weeds.

Western Australia has seen very little of the events of global slow down caused by the GFC. China’s insatiable demand for the minerals that can be found here has meant that the economy has been going gangbusters. Well up until now that is. Five minutes walk from my house is the town’s industrial estate and up until very recently it was a hive of activity, but now it is a very different story. Most of the units and yards are now up for either sale or lease and the first mortgagee sales are happening. All that is left is a couple of car wrecking yards and even they are showing the effects of the economic slow down. The weeds are slowly, but steadily, reclaiming the yards and the wrecks are starting to disappear under the vegetation.

Wrecks and Weeds #1

The light was a beautiful counterpoint to the decaying cars, such potent symbols of our consumer culture, and the flowers showed that everything can become new and alive again.

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