Crawling Through The Bush

Over this spring it literally feels like I have been crawling through the Western Australian bush on my hands and knees stopping only to take photographs of native orchids. So it was only fitting that I should title this short video “Crawling Through The Bush – one orchid at a time”.

A few highlights from this year’s orchid season would be firstly the albino purple enamel orchids I found quite by accident on Mount Observation when I went for a leak. Yes I know – that’s probably too much information.

Albino purple enamel orchid

Another fave would be the rabbit orchid I photographed near Kojonup.

The Rabbit Orchid (Leptoceras menziesii) only flowers after a disturbance to its environment such as a bush fire. Kojonup, Western Australia.

This next orchid had me well and truly stumped until Andrew Brown , curator of the Orchidaceae and Myoporaceae at the Western Australian Herbarium amongst many other things, kindly identified it for me.

Clubbed spider orchid, Caladenia longiclavata, Kojonup, Western Australia.

This last one I just like from a photographic point of view.

Bee orchid or Diuris laxiflora, Kojonup, Western Australia.

The video as well as showing the locations also shows some of the techniques I use for photographing the orchids. The video was shot using an Olympus Pen EP-2 micro four thirds camera and the audio was recorded directly to the footage using either a Rode Video Mic pro or the Olympus SEMA-1 microphone used as a lavalier mic. One short clip was filmed with a Panasonic Lumix LX-5.

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