I was at Lake Leschenaultia and it was a lovely winter’s day, the sun was out I’d just finished a bush walk. I decided to have lunch at one of the picnic shelters by the lake when it happened. There was no warning. One minute I sitting there alone and happy the next minute these two ne’er-do-wells are demanding with menace. To make matters worse I had nothing to give and they just would not accept that. They were merciless in their onslaught. Would I recognise them again? You bet I would! Their visages are engraved indelibly upon my mind. But better than that I managed to get pictures of them so others could be warned. Here they are.


Lake Leschenaultia Lakeside Walk by Paul Amyes on
The eponymous Australian magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen) will happily relieve you of your picnic lunch at Lake Leschenaultia.


This was the ring leader. He was ruthlessly determined to relieve me of my lunch. He was brazen in his approach, like he just didn’t care.


Lake Leschenaultia Lakeside Walk by Paul Amyes on
Australian Ringneck (Barnardius zonarius subspecies semitorquatus). One of the cheeky bandits that will help eat your lunch at Lake Leschenaultia



This one was a sly beggar! He quietly got into my bag and ransacked it looking for goodies. When discovered he just countered with a manic laugh.It was like something out of that Hitchcock film The Birds albeit with less blood and more sandwiches.


So if you go to Lake Leschenaultia watch out for these two. They are merciless – no picnic is safe! Be warned, or as the Australian Federal Government would say “Be alert but not alarmed“.