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Madonna Louise Ciccone

Darling Range Donkey Orchid by Paul Amyes on 500px.com
Darling Range Donkey Orchid, Diuris sp. ‘Darling Range’. Woottating, Western Australia.

As you drive from Perth to York you pass an insignificant little lay-by. It’s nothing to look at at first glance. A busted up table and bench, a litter bin and a pile of gravel. Consequently it doesn’t get used much. But if you take a look in the scrubby bush at the right time of year you’ll find it home to some rather uncommon orchids. This is not an isolated occurrence there are quite a few orchid hot spots in the Cape to Cape region on the fringes of rubbish dumps.

Crowded Banded Greenhood Orchid by Paul Amyes on 500px.com
Crowded Banded Greenhood Orchid, Pterostylis sp. ‘crowded’. Woottating, Western Australia.

Currently we are living in the COVID 19 crisis which has restricted people’s movements and so many of us have been confined to the area in which we live. Normally people have an under appreciation of the environs in which they live. There is always that feeling somewhere else is better. Here in Western Australia many would rather go to Bali than holiday in their own state. Now thanks to COVID 19 the option of travelling interstate or overseas is just not available for the foreseeable future. One of my big hopes is that we’ll come out of this situation with a greater appreciation of what’s on our own doorstep.

Lutea by Paul Amyes on 500px.com
The unusual lutea or “yellow” form of the common donkey orchid (Diuris corymbosa). Woottating, Western Australia.