A Picture is Worth …

… a thousand words but no money.

Views of Mount Bakewell
Mount Bakewell seen from the York Golf Course. Mount Bakewell is called Walwalling (place of weeping) in the Nyoongar language and features in their Dreamtime stories. Mount Bakewell is the most easterly extent of the Darling Ranges.

Earlier this week I was contacted by Moving Still Productions a video production company based in Perth Western Australia. They wanted to use the above photo in a production they were making. The email was pleasant with flattery about how beautiful the image is and what an important part it would play in the production. They were very generous with their offer, I would get a credit but no payment as there was no budget.

“We couldn’t afford to financially reimburse you, but we of course would credit you as the photographer. Your photo could really help us tell the story visually, and your assistance and generosity would be greatly appreciated.”

Vanessa Barnett, Senior Producer

Riiiiiight! So obviously the production crew are working for nothing as well? No there is a budget for the production crew. Ms Barnet went on to say in another email:

“We simply don’t have the budget to send a photographer to York, which is why we need your help! “

So it’s not that the photograph is really that good. You want my photo because it meets the criteria that you won’t have to spend any money thus maximizing your company’s profit. Thanks, but no thanks! I expect that Ms Barnett likes to be paid for her work, but it seems that she cannot see how that would extend to others.