Lake Leschenaultia In Autumn



Time lapsing at Lake Leschenaultia in Western Australia.


The last few weeks I’ve been spending a day at Lake Leschenaultia. I’ve photographed there often but this time I thought I’d try making a video about some of the wildlife there. In the process I’ve discovered three things:

  1. The animals don’t play ball. Quite a few times I went and they didn’t show up.
  2. It’s harder than it looks. We’re accustomed to seeing the David Attenborough docos on the TV and they spoil us because trying to get anything halfway decent takes an enormous amount of time, dedication and skill.
  3. All the cameramen and directors of photography I know of all complain of having wrecked backs. Having carted the equipment round for a few weeks I now know why – it’s bloody heavy!

Having said that it has been great fun and while I’m not particularly happy with the resulting video I enjoyed the whole experience immensely.



Now for a shameless plug. Autumn, Winter and Spring are the best times to go walking in Western Australia and the walk around Lake Leschenaultia is one of forty two that are in my book Perths Best Bush, Coast and City Walks which can be bought through the link given. Further more if you use the code PAULA15 you get a discount of 15%.