Surprise Visitors

Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo (Zanda [Calyptorhynchus] latirostris] called Ngolak by the Nyoongar of Western Australia.

The other I was sat in my office pouring over the incomprehensible bumf sent out from an insurance company when I heard a commotion outside. There was a load of raucous squawking coming from the back garden. I picked up a camera and ran out to see what was going on. To my delight it was a flock of Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos. They are classified as an endangered species but are commonly seen in the Wheatbelt. I get quite a thrill seeing flocks of them flying but it was taken to another level to see them in the garden.


Sitting in the peppercorn tree.


No sooner had they all settled than they were off again heading towards bigger gum trees on neighbouring properties.


… and then they were gone.