Off Course

Helen watching birds and basking in the winter sun at the York Golf Club.


This autumn and winter we’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the local golf course – not playing golf at all but walking in the woods at the back of the course. It is a fantastic piece of Wandoo forest with rocky out crops and steep gullies cut by water erosion.  In fact that’s probably why it still exists as the land wouldn’t be fit for any commercial purpose. For us it is a wonderful place where we can walk the dog and view native flora and fauna. The other great thing is other than seeing the occasional golfer on the fairways as we drive in there is nobody around.


Frida looking in holes at the York Golf Course.


Frida our wayward and reluctant Bull Terrier loves it. There are rocky outcrops to stand on and strike a heroic pose, holes to look down and lots and lots of interesting things to smell. It is the one place where she enthusiastically jumps out of the car rather than having to be enticed out with bribes.


Me I go there to photograph flowers and animals and just generally get away from everything. I find it so peaceful and relaxing. Here are a selection of photos I’ve taken this winter.


Djakal-ngakal by Paul Amyes on
Djakal-ngakal or pink and grey galah enjoying the last warmth of the winter’s sun as it goes down.


Golden Orb Weaving Spider by Paul Amyes on

The early morning sun highlights the golden web of the Golden Orb Weaving Spider.


Green-veined Shell Orchid by Paul Amyes on

Green-veined Shell Orchid, Pterostylis scabra, growing just off the fairway in the rough.


Yongka by Paul Amyes on

You never know who you’ll meet in the rough. Female western grey kangaroo aka sooty kangaroo (Macropus fuliginosus).


Fringed Mantis Orchid by Paul Amyes on

Fringed Mantis Orchid, or Green Spider Orchid, (Caladenia falcata).


Cowslip Orchid by Paul Amyes on

Cowslip Orchid, Caladenia flava subs. flava.


Sugar Orchid by Paul Amyes on

Hundreds of Sugar Orchids, Ericksonella saccharata, can be seen growing in the bark and leaf litter beneath the wandoo trees.


Winter Donkey Orchid by Paul Amyes on

Winter donkey orchid, Diuris brumalis.


Chapman's Spider Orchid by Paul Amyes on

Chapman’s Spider Orchid, Caladenia chapmanii.


Yongka by Paul Amyes on

A quick bite to eat.


Fridas enjoying a morning run in the bush at the York Golf Club.